Sticker Pimp: Jasmin

jasmin Sticker Pimp: Jasmin

 Your Name:   Jasmin
 Your Alias:   Jas
 School Your Representing:  Cal State Los Angeles
 Your Sign:    Cancer
 Guilty Pleasure:  Reality Shows
 Most Embarassing Moment:  I have alot
 Favorite Word:  Weirdo 
 What Song Best Describes Your Personality:  Love and Happiness by Al Green and Date with the Night by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
 What Actor/Actress Would You Like To Play You in a Movie:  Laura from Family Matters
 Favorite Food:  Pizza and grilled cheese
 Favorite Cartoon:  Popeye
 What Superpower Would You Like & Why:  To fly … duh
 Taco Bell or
Del Taco:
 Del Taco
 Biggest Vice:  French Fries
 If You Only Had One Day To Live What Would You Do & Why:  Go to the beach, ride some rollercoasters and get a lot of tattoos 
 Favorite Quote:  Who cayerrs?
 What Animal Would You Like to Be & Why:  A black kitty
 Vegas or Mexico:  Neither
 What One Item Describes You:  Tickle Me Elmo 
 Anything Else:  Nope

One Comment

  1. Eric says:

    Jasmin is a cutie pie. I saw her in Arcadia at Zelo.

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