shahani Sticker Pimp: Shahani



 Your Name: 


Shahani Waas (my last name is Portuguese if you were curious)


School Your Representing:


 UC Riverside/ UCLA


 Your Sign:  


 Libra (October 4)


 Guilty Pleasure:


Cheeseburgers, Pizza, Chicken Alfredo, & Dip n’ Dots  


Most Embarassing Moment:


 I have waaaaaay too many


 Favorite Word:




What Song Best Describes Your Personality:


 M.I.A.- Paper Planes


 What Actor/Actress Would You Like To Play You in a Movie:

 Pam Grier

 Favorite Food:


I love EVERYTHING other than seafood, & exotic meats

Favorite Cartoon:

 Doug, Rugrats, The Proud Family


What Superpower Would You Like & Why:


The power of reading people’s minds- lol


Taco Bell or
Del Taco:


 NONE – but If I must, Taco Bell

 If You Only Had One Day To Live What Would You Do & Why:  

I would hang out with my sister because she’s the coolest (*wink)


 Favorite Quote:


Never Give Up, and don’t believe everything you hear


What Animal Would You Like to Be & Why:


DOLPHIN- I looooove Dolphins because they are so free spirited


 Vegas or Mexico:



Anything Else:  

I’ve been to 44 cities & 12 countries in my lifetime- anything else ask me in person, I’m really nice. OH & I am a HUGE fan of I LOVE LUCY (best show of allllll time)

Comments (5)
  1. Roshani says:

    GREAT JOB! Your the coolest!

  2. K.C. Williams says:

    Keep up the hard work!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Sticker Pimp is the BOMB!!! She’s a wonderful person, who won’t take no crap!!! Total sweetheart 🙂

  4. Mom & Dad says:

    GREAT JOB-mom and dad loves you soooooooo much!!!

  5. Mom & Dad says:

    love u sooooooooo much.

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