385actioncomics Bam! Pow! Ka Ching! Batman Knocks Out Superman  
After holding the title for highest price ever paid for a comic book for only three short days, Superman gets cold-cocked by Batman.

On Monday, a copy of the first comic book featuring Superman, a 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1, sold for $1 million.  Thursday, a rare copy of Detective Comics No. 27, the first comic to feature Batman, sold for a total of $1,075,500.00.  At that price point, not a huge difference, but it still is over 75-fricken-grand American.  OVER the $1 MILLION.  For a comic book. 

Look, I’m not out to judge the lifestyle of comic book enthusiasts.  We’ve all got our something that makes us happy.  I, for instance, like beer.  But here is what has me wondering:  In both cases, the buyers and sellers of these million dollar comic books chose to remain anonymous. 

It stands to reason; they are fans of superheroes and superheroes do value their anonymity.   But real superheroes also seem to have a penchant for, oh, I don’t know, the “greater good” in general terms.  So, let’s say you are living in your mom’s basement and you happen to have a million bucks to anonymously buy a heavily illustrated, relatively low dialog, tale of heroism — a story that has been told a long time ago and you are quite aware of its outcome. 

Wouldn’t that money be better spent actually BECOMING a superhero yourself?  Let’s say you skim, as a generous figure, 200 bucks, off the top to make a trip to Hancock Fabrics.  You pick up a few yards of satin.  Whatever color you like, go wild!  Maybe pay the local dry cleaners to stitch a letter on your cape.  Again, your choosing!  Masks are cheap this time of year, and you’re good to go. 

I’m already lost in the math here but with the rest of the, say, $999,900.00 you have some wiggle room to decide what kind of hero work is right for you.  But if you shop around, you can make quite an impact.  As a for instance, McDonald’s has some sort of Filet-O-Fish deal on Friday.  Imagine how many people you could save on that deal alone!  So, before you go and anonymously plunk a cool $1.2 on a mint condition Scooby Doo, just think about what it would be like for people to read about YOU in the funny papers.  Yes, you, the superhero with the super wallet.


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