scottylago385 Scotty Lago Gets Kicked Out Of Canada?
Scotty got a little too cocky with his Bronze metal and the ol’ Canadians might have given him the boot. 

When you win a medal at the Olympics you automatically obtain the status of a rock star; the women, the fame, the fortune.  I mean, look how Bruce Jenner ended up? There’s also the cocky attitude that comes with it, and Scotty found this out the hard way. 

Story goes: After Lago was caught in some embarrassing photos, which involved him performing fake posed sexual acts with some girls and his prized bronze medal, Scotty might have been kindly asked by Canadians Olympic officials to leave the country. 

scottylago Scotty Lago Gets Kicked Out Of Canada?

He told the New York Times:

“I didn’t want to leave,” Lago said. “They felt it was in the best interest to get out of the limelight a little.”  But at least Scotty can go back to New Hampshire and to his past-time activity of shooting guns.  He said he’d be,”just as happy to be here shooting guns with my friends.”

Com’n, Scotty.  You could have watched the rest of the Olympics (and not on TV either), and you were in beautiful Vancouver!  Everyone gives Canada crap but based on experience, Canadians are really nice, polite people, who also happen to smell really good too!  Some athletes just don’t understand that once you become world famous, any little embarrassing photo op or prostitute (sorry, Tiger) can destroy your public image.   Oh well, at least Scotty has his guns to play with…


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