Snooki from Jersey Shore wasn’t even a poof in her daddy’s eye when Kiss honcho Gene Simmons was sporting the now infamous hair poof, and the bump-it hadn’t even been invented yet. Incidentally, if you take the word bump-it and separate it, it becomes bum pit. Gross, right? But I digress. Who has the better poof, Simmons or Snooki? Compare and decide with these photos.

 snooki Its a Poof Off Between Gene Simmons and Snooki

Simmons’ hair doesn’t look real, and his widow’s peak is painted on. Snooki is just a hot mess begging to be punched in the nose. In case of a tie in the poof off, the winner could be decided by who has the better given name, Chaim Witz (Simmons) or Nicole Polizzi (Snooki).

  1. Bud says:

    Cripes Sheila, doesn’t Gene know the rules?
    University of Wooloomooloo: Rules 1,3 5 and 7, no poofters ! 🙂

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