oscars slot 080130 mn Your Guide To Gambling on the Oscars

I know what you’re thinking, betting on the Oscars, who does that? Well, I do. You’re talking about a guy who moved to California after he was run out of North Carolina for trying to fix Little League games.

True story. But no, gambling on the Oscars is a big thing in the wagering world these days. Vegas even has lines for almost all of the awards. But then again, Vegas has lines on everything these days. Anywho, since the Olympics and football are over, baseball hasn’t started yet and even I think it’s just plain wrong to bet on how low Jay Leno’s ratings are gonna sink. So here are the lines for this years Oscars. Happy betting and remember this one thing, Oscars are voted on by old white people so know that Precious’s chance to win Best Picture resides somewhere deep in the depth’s of Mordor.

Favorites are on top and if you don’t know how to read the lines, then maybe you shouldn’t be gambling.

*Best Picture
   Avatar                                      4/5
   The Hurt Locker                  4/5
   Inglorious Basterds           12/1
   Up in the Air                        30/1
   Precious                                50/1
   The Blind Side                     50/1
   Up                                            75/1
   A Serious Man                    75/1
   District 9                               75/1
   An Education                      75/1
(Avatar or Hurt Locker? Instead of black, I say bet on BLUE. As in the Na’vi)

*Best Actor
   Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)                      4/29
   George Clooney (Up in the Air)           17/4
   Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker)             12/1
   Morgan Freeman (Invictus)                 12/1
   Colin Firth (A Simple Man)                   15/1
(the odds are stupid short on Bridges, there’s a reason for that)

*Best Actress
    Sandra Bullock (Blind Side)                 2/5
    Meryl Streep (Julie&Julia)                  7/4
    Carey Mulligan (An Education)        9/1
    Gabourey Sidibe (Precious)               17/2
    Helen Mirren (The Last Station)       30/1
(Bullock has the buzz but the Academy has always had a hard-on for Meryl)

*Best Supporting Actor
    Christopher Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)     -1800
    Field (Rest of Nominees)                                    +900
(Don’t even think about taking the field here)

*Best Supporting Actress
     Monique (Precious)                                           -1000
     Field                                                                         +600
(I like the gamble, I’ll take the field)

*Best Director
   K. Bigelow (Hurt Locker)                             2/5
   J. Cameron (Avatar)                                     5/4
   Q. Tarantino (Basterds)                              22/1
   J. Reitman (Up in the Air)                         25/1
   L. Daniels (Precious)                                   50/1
(Smart money is on Bigelow but a smart bet could be on Reitman)

*(Source: Oscar Odds come from

  1. Bud says:

    Whats up Doc, you great steaming cuddly perv ?

    And the winners are, Clooney, Sibide, Hurt Locker, Cameron, lets do blunch. I need some leapers for a camping trip.

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