mclobster fail Fast Food FAILURES
With KFC’s new Double Down sweeping the nation, we started reminiscing about some of the wonderful ideas fast food restaurants have come up with.  Some we remember and some we’ve forgotten, but one thing is certain, we sure wish we had forgotten them all…

Check out the Fast Food FAILURES:

-McDonald’s “McLobster”
mclobster Fast Food FAILURES
Yes, it existed…luckily never around the west coast.  The McLobster was only available in the northeast on a seasonal basis.  And just because it was McDonald’s doesn’t mean the lobster was cheap.  The sandwich alone cost $6. 

-Taco Bell’s “Bell Beefer”
bellbeefer Fast Food FAILURES
Essentially a sloppy joe, the Bell Beefer had all the ingredients of a taco, except stuffed in a bun instead of a taco shell.  This burger came out in the 1970s-80s and Taco Bell is known to “disown” this failed creation.  Hmmmm….I wonder why?

-McDonald’s “McPizza”
mcpizza1 Fast Food FAILURES
What!  McDonalds AND pizza together as one?  Sign me up!  Unfortunately, this idea was a McFAILURE and McDonald’s was left with tons of expensive pizza ovens.

-Burger King’s “Big King”
big king Fast Food FAILURES
This burger featured two beef patties, cheese, lettuce, a poppy seed bun, and thousand island dressing.  The Big King was totally original and in no way resembled the Big Mac.  Oh wait…it’s the exact same burger.

-Wendy’s “SuperBar”
superbar Fast Food FAILURES
Back in the 1980s, Wendy’s came up with the genius idea of having a buffet.  It was split into three sections:  the salad bar, the Mexican bar, and the Italian bar.  People responded by not even acknowledging that the SuperBar was there, until one day it wasn’t.

-McDonalds “McSpaghetti”
mcspaghetti Fast Food FAILURES
After the McPizza failed, McDonalds thought they’d fail again with the McSpaghetti.  We remember the spaghetti sauce being too watery and the noodles tasting like cardboard.  Watch what you say about the McSpaghetti though, it’s known to have a rabid cult following almost as big as the McRib.

Ahhhh, memories…there goes our appetite for the day.  Any fast food failures that you remember?


One Comment

  1. Dr. Cranfill says:

    I totally remember, and miss, the Wendy’s Taco Bar. Sue me.

  2. Vinnie says:

    I thought Tami was Jack’s foodologist?
    Apparently the Arby-Q (strangely enough, from Arby’s) might make this list. I loooove the Arby-Q, but it’s only available at select locations. It’s very hit-or-miss, and unfortunately it’s usually a miss. Asking a manager about it yielded the response that only the locations that sold a certain number of them would be allowed to offer them.
    Hmmmm, so the locations not allowed to offer them will probably have a difficult time selling them, no?
    FYI: The Garden Grove location on Knott Street does offer the Sandwich of the Gods.

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