Best Of Show: Justified, Spartacus, Community & Modern Family

picnik collage Best Of Show:  Justified, Spartacus, Community & Modern Family
Dancing With the Stars? American Idol? That stupid, stupid abomination Glee? Lost? There are A LOT of craptacular shows out there and I feel the need to steer you guys-n-gals in the right direction…Allow me to be your rudder..

Before I start, for those of you that are butthurt that I put Lost in with those other shows, just know, I was on board until they tried to tell me Libby wanted a piece of Hurley.  I can take the smoke monster, I can take the time travel, but when you tell me a decent looking blonde is attracted to the most epic pair of man boobs this side of Bruce Vilanch, sorry, I gotta check out.  Cmon, dude looks like Rolf from the Muppet’s.
rolfhurley Best Of Show:  Justified, Spartacus, Community & Modern Family

That being said, here are four shows on TV right now that are actually worth a damn and that you should totally be watching.

Justified Tuesday at 10pm on FX.
Sheriff Bullock from HBO’s Deadwood fast forwarded a number of decades and is shooting criminals in modern day Kentucky. Awesome.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand Friday at 10pm on Starz
I once counted 32 boobs in one episode. Cartoon violence + soft core porn+ ancient Rome= Eff Yeah!

Community Thursday at 8pm on NBC
Finally NBC does something right by making this show with Joel McHale from the Soup. Chevy Chase on Ecstasy in the Halloween episode? Brilliant.

Modern Family Wednesday  at 9pm on ABC
Think a network version of Arrested Development with maybe a little more heart and not as…well, psychotic. See if something sounds familiar about the voice on the promo below..

There you go. Those are the best four shows on television right now. And if you disagree, it is probably due to you being wrong.

Watch free episodes of Community, Modern Family, AND Justified at

And check out free episodes of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, here, at


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