Coachella Survival Guide

coachella2 Coachella Survival Guide

JACK bands [lastfm]Echo and the Bunnymen[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Devo[/lastfm] will be at Coachella (April 16th-18th). Here’s some tips of how you can make it through the weekend in order to enjoy your favorite bands. 1. Water. It’s essential if you want to not end up stuck in the emergency tent, while your friends are still rocking out to music. The temperature is going be insane so make sure you bring many bottles of water.

2. Deodorant. You’re going to be surrounded by a bunch of dirty hippies, so why not be one of the clean ones? Bring an extra one and share one with this guy.

hippie12 Coachella Survival Guide

3. B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Beer). The Beer Garden line is ridiculous and do you really want to spend $10 or more on a Bud Light? Conceal in a non transparent water bottle or try this method.

winerack bra Coachella Survival Guide

4. Earplugs. Chances are you will be really close to Jay Z and the heavy bass sounds will give you chest convultions. Try these stone ones.

stone ear plugs unakite Coachella Survival Guide

5. Sunscreen. Please don’t end up like this guy – a definite skin cancer candidate.

sunburn Coachella Survival Guide

These seem like obvious tips, but every year people miss the mark on them.  Follow our advice and you’ll make it through Coachella a richer, happier, less burned human being.


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