picture 13 How High? The Best 420 Viral Videos

As you’re enjoying, er, recreational opportunities today, here are some popular videos of people acting, er, strange.  Maybe it will inspire some of you to turn your 420 celebration into Internet superstardom.

Check out the videos after the jump!
Dude, Where’s Joaquin Phoenix?

When [lastfm]Joaquin Phoenix[/lastfm] went on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2009 to promote the film “Two Lovers,” many weren’t sure whether he was really high or just doing a bit of performance art.  If Joaquin was auditioning to play The Dude‘s son in the sequel to The Big Lebowski, he had the stoner persona nailed perfectly, right down to the beard.

See Britney Act Stoned! See Her Act Stoned!

In 2006, pre-shaved head and umbrella-wielding, Britney was captured on “peephole” by then-husband Kevin Federline munching on chicken and fries, burping, and pondering existence’s deeper questions, including time travel. The video is a good reminder to not let your 420 experience get in the way of missing “life and things and things going on.”

Leeeeeeeroyyyyyyyy Jenkins!

Nothing goes better with getting inebriated than video games, and while we’re not sure Leeroy was putting the “stone” in soulstone when he ran into battle without his World of Warcraft homies, he had to be smoking some pretty potent ganja to think his move would work. Regardless of whether he was stoned, this clip will still give you the giggles as you’re having your chicken or some other food on 420.

David Hasselhoff Can Haz Cheezburger?

The only thing on the Internet cuter than cats in human poses is videos of celebrities under the influence.  In this video, which went viral in 2007, David Hasselhoff’s daughter really harshes his mellow by telling him that he should maybe not hit the bottle so hard. Even though The Hoff was technically drunk, that’s no reason not to finish your 420 in style by eating a hamburger without your shirt on.

David After Dentist

The gold standard in Internet “how high” videos was set by that other David after his trip to the dentist in 2009.  Sure, like The Hoff video, there were serious and sadder issues of familial exploitation, but the kid was just so darn cute and, in his reaction to dental meds, David Devore seemed to have the quintessential stoner experience.  Is this real life indeed, young David.


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