greencross Obtaining Marijuana:  Brought To You By 1996s Prop 215

On this 4/20, let’s give thanks that we live in a state where we aren’t reduced to sneaking around grocery store parking lots buying dime bags from out little brother’s dealer friend or that shady dude we dated in high school.  That would suck.  If you haven’t heard, medical marijuana has been effing legal in California since Proposition 215, the “Compassionate Caregivers Act” passed in 1996.

If you were to get some, and not saying you are, this is the only legal way to do it!

  1. Get a condition: it’s called medical marijuana because it’s dispensed to treat a host of chronic ailments including Alzheimer’s disease, various cancers, anorexia and glaucoma. Anxiety, sleeping problems and mood disorders are all treatable conditions and, conveniently, also common side effects of living in Los Angeles.
  2. Get a card:  It’s fairly easy to find a doctor to prescribe the herb for your condition. Your local dispensary can help refer you to such a medical professional, whose reference is a requirement for obtaining the Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC) that allows the legal purchase of weed. Applying for an MMIC will set you back about $150. Detailed information is available here.
  3. Find a dispensary: Much like a favorite bar, your optimal dispensary is all about personal preference. Becoming a regular at a shop and building a relationship with the staff will help you self-medicate most effectively and give you an in to your local smokers community.
  4. Pick your strain: The beautiful thing about legal weed is that, whatever your pot preference, it’s all dank. Generally, strains of the sativa variety offer more of a “trippy” head high with fewer sedative effects, while indica strains create more of a body high because of their higher THC content. Dispensaries offer both and have detailed descriptions of each strain and its effects. Much like sommeliers at a wine shop, the staff can help you choose the right variety for your desired high.
  5. Pay the price: Typically, eighths run around $60 and an ounce will set you back around $400. Obviously, this varies by strain and dispensary. Most dispensaries offer goodies like edibles and pre-rolled joints, which vary in price.
  6. Smoke it if ya got it: That anxiety ain’t going to cure itself, bro. Karma points for sharing.
  1. WatchThisHigh says:

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