The Femme Fatale Final Four

385 cougarwinner The Femme Fatale Final Four
VOTING HAS ENDED … the cougar has been crowned! Jewel gets a brand new Nissan 370Z, courtesy of Nissan of Mission Hills– Out to be the #1 Nissan dealer in the world. Meet Jewel and the rest of the cougars.

Yes the Femme Fatale Cougars do exist . Check out the video.

To find out more about each contestant, click on their picture or name of each cougar in their Bracket.

Push Up Panthers: Sabertoothed Sirens
Sydney Theresa
b1 sydney The Femme Fatale Final Four b 2theresa1 The Femme Fatale Final Four
Den Mothers W. Benefits Cub Rustlers
Jewel Sarah
bracket 3 jewel The Femme Fatale Final Four th b 4 sarah The Femme Fatale Final Four

VOTING HAS ENDED but check out all the photos from our Final Femme Fatale Party.
[photogallerylink id=6847]


One Comment

  1. Jimmy says:

    OOOOOOO yea Theresa made it and should win if any body deserves it it would be her GIT DOWN i’m proud that she is here 🙂

  2. patrick says:

    Jimmy must be related to theresa. Theresa is harsh and looks like a dude. Sydney is the clear winner.

    1. Jeff says:

      sidney has no lips. Very unsexy

    2. Jeff says:


  3. David Sedillo says:

    Theresa would be the best “BANG” for your buck!! Look at those amazing T***!! and that hot body! They say WINNER all over them!

  4. Rick says:


  5. LOL says:

    Sydney needs to get an award for looking absolutely nothing like her air-brushed picture!

    1. MAG says:

      Photoshop is not her friend. That’s why you have to look at ALL this pix. Not one of Jewel’s has been to the ‘shop.

      1. Margie says:

        I totally agree that is natural my votes for her

      2. Liz says:

        defff. jewel is by far the prettiest/ sexiest one

    2. D.L. says:

      To even the playing field, only cougars WITHOUT photoshopped or dated pics should remain…which would eliminate Sydney.

    3. RFLMAO says:


    4. B.C. says:

      I agree with LOL. Yes Sydney you look Hot like a couger should, but in real life you are not airbrushed! You have flaws and your picture is very misleading. And Sarah, you have a nice look but there is nothing there that pops out. Black and White, get with the program sista.

  6. MAG says:

    Jewel IS the complete package here – the pix tell the whole story – look at each Gallery and you’ll agree there is only ONE winner – it’s a simple pick – she wins this thing ez. Go Jewel!!!!

  7. Bobbi says:

    Love Theresa!!! So glad to see she made it to the final four… her Video is great, she looks absolutely amazing and should win this hands down! The final four are just gorgeous, but Theresa is stunning.

  8. jimbojohnson says:

    Sarah is SMOKING HOT!!!!!

  9. carol says:

    sarah is yur WINNER!! she is a class act-she looks better in life then her photos– whats a photo anyway — YOU want the whole package; looks, kindness, intelligence –she is the cougartown lady that will represent CBS station 93.1 with 100% integrity! My bet is on Sarah-quality quality quality hands down……….. SHE IS IT!!

  10. Sando says:

    Wow, now that’s what a cougar is all about. Theresa an older woman who has it going on!

  11. Mickey says:

    Sarah is gorgeous, Go Sarah!!!! You could win the whole thing 🙂

  12. Joseph says:

    I cast my vote for the closest looking Racquel Welsh stand in,. Theresa – do you bikini wax like Racquel – I hope so. Also do you suggest with words softly spoken “You must, OBEY” to your pet.

  13. Mario says:

    Sydney, is the one that should win because of her natural beauty. And she is HOT!!

    1. air jordan 2009 says:

      Is so.

    2. Christian Louboutin Blue Satind Shoes says:

      I’m in agreement

  14. Noelle says:

    T reminds me of Rachel Welch so she gets my vote…even though for me Jewel is hot too
    And the photo of Sydney in her 20’s is the only reason I am not voting for her, cause for 44 she is pretty but the rules where current photo…cuz just let me tell you if all 64 submitted main photos from our 20’s there would still be 64 contestant…LOL

  15. shawn says:

    I think we have a winner !!! Jewel is the real deal , nothing other then , what you see , is what you get !!! ❤

  16. shawn says:

    let the winner be know…Jewel
    she is the full pacakge , what you see is what you get !!!

  17. shawn says:

    let the winner be know…Jewel
    she is the full pacakge !!!
    good luck on the final outcome , you did a great job.

  18. Ken says:

    GO THERESA!! still think you shouldwin this competition hands down. loved the video..

  19. Derrik says:

    DAAAM theresa u r still the HOTTEST one. go theresa!!

  20. Drone Unit says:

    Jewel beat Kami? WTF, people? Jewel does *hair extensions* for a living, and her own look nappy and totally unnatural. She sounds like an out of work stripper!

  21. Michelle says:

    Sarah is COUGAR of the year in my book. Look out younger boys there is a cub rustler on the prowl. 🙂

    1. cheap jewellery says:

      Your post inspires me a lot! Thank you

  22. Jewel says:

    Awww you guys are so sweet ❤ ❤ ❤ I appreciate the love and support. See you all Saturday!

    1. shawn says:

      you are the winner in my book…you look so real and not fake like your other opponents. hope to see you soon , good luck
      and congrats in your final four achievement.

  23. Geo says:

    Sarahthe Hot Nurse is Super Cute a Natural Beauty She has my vote Oh Yaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. OH YEAHHHH says:

    Theresa GRRRRRR

  25. carrie says:

    any 4 of them could tie me up & spank me anytime please. but i am going for Sydney. thank you may i have another please 🙂

  26. b3 says:

    Theresa is the real cougar! Bangin & on the hunt! The rest of the competition may be youthful or mistaken for younger, but NONE admit to chasing younger men.

    Theresa FTW!

  27. Sarah Pechette says:

    Thank You all for the sweet comments 🙂 🙂
    All the girls seem sweet 🙂
    Cant wait to meet everyone in on Saturday !!!

  28. robert says:

    SARAH is by far the winner here!!!!!!!!!!! Go Sexy Sarah Your Smokin’ Hot

  29. sean says:

    Sarah, You have natural beauty a true class act

    1. Jeff says:

      sarah looks like any other woman.

  30. Jeff says:

    WOW! All of these ladies are gorgeous! It was a hard choice, but I did pick for Jewel. Syndey, you came close baby I would love to go on a date with you all

  31. Julian Kay says:

    Sarah….. You are HOTTTT !!!!! WINNER !!!!!!

    1. james shoes says:

      another great news,thanks.Can’t wait to download!

  32. Paul says:

    Sarah gets my vote. HEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOO NURSE!!!

  33. Miguel says:

    It was a very difficult decission, but my vote goes for Theresa. She look more authentic, more natural, more “cougar” than the rest of the field … So Theresa I hope you win the big prize … You’re a Beautiful Woman … keep up the good work!!!.

  34. MEGGA says:

    If you don’t vote for Jewel your OFFICIALLY gayer than Ricky Martin.

    1. Pizzle says:

      LOL Megga hehehehe

  35. JPZ says:

    Jewel is the the ticket for sure. What i like is that jewel put up an casual picture of her being out and about from what it looks like which is cool. Sydney looks good too but its a modeling shot so you know there was some airbrushing done. I think for a contest like this pics should all be candid.

  36. PJ says:

    Jewel for sure. Sydney is a strong second but jewel takes it here. She looks like Kim K.. wait, I should say Kim looks like Jewel 🙂

  37. Brandy- Cat says:

    Go Sarah!!

  38. Paul says:

    Sydney you are it these others can’t even touch you. Love your body

    1. Jeff says:

      sydney needs to get her lips plumped up.

  39. rich ball says:

    They’re all hot cougars.jewel is smoking hot however still my choice would b theresa.

    1. MAG says:

      Young? She’s 40..what is the definition of Cougar? Jewel just doesn’t look that old…she’s amazing.

  40. Joseph says:

    Jewel is Ricki Martin with a wig. // Jewel + Sydney left and ridght foot on the legs of Sarah. All three a catastrophy.

    1. Jeff says:

      Jewel actually has the best face out of all of them.

    2. Class says:

      Joseph obviously you smoke the crack pipe with super glue. Just compliment the one you want to win. You just dissed the two hotest ladies , jewel and sydney. Oh, and btw, get a hold of your vernacular and how to put a sentence together. I know they don’t teach that much in the trailer parks bro.

  41. Miss Ruby Tuesday says:

    I think it belongs to Sarah… as she is a single mom… & has the right attitude by being willing to date someone regardless of their age…. besides everybody loves a naughty nurse! ;-D

  42. Leon Marzillier says:

    Sydney’s the one!

  43. JAR says:

    I feel a little sorry for Jewl’s boys. It can’t be easy knowing every guy at your school would willingly cut off a finger to have a “sleepover” with your Mom.

  44. Jason says:

    You girls are all hot but Come on Theresa is the oldest and looks the youngest.. She is the best example of a COUGAR here..Go theresa..

  45. ken says:

    P.S. Why is theresa the only person with a video?

    1. MAG says:

      I’m not sure why but that video needs some editing. She’s certainly not winning any votes with that masterpiece.

  46. Jeff says:


    1. rlf says:

      wish Jeff would have been at Laineys on Sunday.

    2. pq says:

      Jeff you need glasses badly

      1. Jonathan Papelbon Jersey says:

        so creative

  47. Gus says:

    Theresa is looking very hot!! I’m voting for her.

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