Sting To Bring Down The House With A Little Chamber Music

sting1 Sting To Bring Down The House With A Little Chamber Music

[lastfm]Sting[/lastfm] really is having the time of his life.  Really.  And it’s all due to the fact that he’s adapting some of his greatest hits to be played by an entire orchestra.  We’re sure, her Majesty is also tickled by this.  Cheerio [lastfm]Sting[/lastfm]!

Keep reading for the details!

According to Sting he’s currently working with Royal Philharmonic Maestro [lastfm]Steven Mercurio[/lastfm] to rearrange all his music so that it will sound top of the pops when played by an orchestra.  Along with composers Rob Mathes, Dave Hartley, Vince Mendoza and Michel Legrand they’re working on going through different versions of 40 of Stings greatest hits including music from his time with the Police.

Sting got the idea after working with orchestras in Chicago and Philadelphia.  He explains that the most important part about this collaboration is making sure that the orchestra isn’t just accompanying him, but really putting their spin on his music saying:

One of my things was I didn’t want the orchestra just sitting behind me sawing whole notes on a pop ballad.  That is deadly boring to me and probably deadly boring to them and the audience. I wanted the orchestra to be a very important rhythmic element to the music, and so the music would be challenging them rhythmically, if not technically. All the arrangements have that in mind. I want the orchestra to work really hard, and they enjoy that.

Leave it to Sting to make things difficult for people, but in a good way.  He’ll be recording these shows so in case you miss them, you can always catch them later on DVD.  I guess he’s not that difficult then, huh?


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