apple iphone solid gold phone Im Senior Valdez & I Love Gold!
Gold. Everybody wants gold. People are going to extremes to show they’re gold products these days and we’re not just talking about chains and teeth. There’s an iPhone that is literally made from gold and diamonds that you can purchase for the price of 2.97 million dollars. Holy bejeezus.

Here’s some ideas of what YOU can turn to gold 

Gold Toilet
gold toilet1 Im Senior Valdez & I Love Gold!
The toilet is basically your throne.  It’s the only place during the day in which you feel like a king, so paint that s**t gold and be done with it.

Gold Car
gold car3 Im Senior Valdez & I Love Gold!
Why buy a new car when you can just turn it gold?  Gold makes everything better.  Hell, your engine might work better JUST because your car is gold.  Do it.
Gold Mustache
tom selleck2 Im Senior Valdez & I Love Gold!
You might think you’re suave now with your mustache, but just imagine if it were gold.  A gold mustache might be too much for one person though.  Not because it’ll weigh a ton on your face, but the ladies will go mad for a man with a gold mustache.  Mustache + Gold = Women Going Bananas.
Goldfinger was right when he proclaimed that he loved gold.  Ok, he did fly out of an airplane window thanks to James Bond, but he had the gold thing right.  As time goes on there will be even more products to turn gold.  Until then we’ll just stick to iPhones, toilets, cars, and mustaches.


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