drunk Video: Coachella Drunk vs. His Own Flip Flops

Ever been so drunk that it takes you three attempts over the span of 1-1/2 minutes to put on your own flip-flops? We’ve all been there, so before you go a-judgin’, be sure to watch this video with an open mind. Who knows, next time YOU might be the laughing stock of the Internet:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Key plays:

  • :24 Good samaritan lightly soccer taps the errant flip-flop back on to the guys foot. Problem solved…
  • :42 …until the dude manages to fire out of both flip-flops at the same time. Turning drunkie lemons into drunkie lemonade, he elects to talk to some ladies walking by. They soon tire of his banter, which was probably something along the lines of  “…I cannn’tt puttt themm onnn the feet?!”
  • 1:11 Left to his own devices, the drunk performs his Charlie Chaplin routine, mysteriously repelled like a magnetic polar opposite to his own flip-flop.
  • 1:30 Spurned by a crowd rushing past him, the drunk gracefully replaces the flip-flop and slides back into the evolutionary gene pool like a rare sea creature blending into a school of drunken fish. A “thumbs up” signifies that things are once again “cool.”

If you (or someone you know) have problems keeping your feet clothed, then watch this creepy, doll-centric video about gluing on shoes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Source: Youtube]


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