JACK’s Semi Regular Series: I Wish You Were My Boss…Iron Sheik

iron sheik JACK’s Semi Regular Series:  I Wish You Were My Boss…Iron Sheik

Don’t you just hate your boss?  We do.  Their constant nagging, inability to fit in and incessant desire to appear as though they are on top of everything is really tiring.  This week we’d like to replace the special idiot with the bumbling wrestler and hero to many, The Iron Sheik.

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Real Life Scenario:  Your boss calls you into his/her office and points out something you have done incorrectly adding that if it happens again you will be written up.

Iron Sheik Scenario:  Iron Sheik walks to your desk and calls you a “Stupid Jabrone.”  He will threaten you with a suplex and  then compare you to his nemesis, Hulk Hogan.  He will also be drunk and forget what he is doing in the middle of his tirade.  Later, you too will be drunk.

Real Life Scenario:  You go into a meeting with a new company that you have recently merged with. The new guy in charge has a snooty attitude and talks down to your entire department leaving you all feeling worried about the state of your job. Your boss tells everyone not to worry and keep moral high.

Iron Sheik Scenario: Iron Sheik gets up in the middle of the merger talk and wants to know why he is being talked to by a “No good son of a b*tch piece of garbage.” He asks the new guy in charge if he has won anything. When the guy opens his mouth Iron Shiek tells him he will “F**k him in the @ss and make him humble.” The new guy promptly quits.

Real Life Scenario:  Your boss sweeps by your desk and tells you that you’ve been put on a special team to work on an important project, but before you can pat yourself on the back he also informs you that you’ll have to work nights and weekends.

Iron Sheik Scenario:  Iron Sheik comes up to your desk and tells you that the new guy is worse than Brian Blair.  He proceeds to use many derogative terms and slurs about the new guy.  You smile and nod.  Iron Sheik begins to explain to you how awesome it was at Wrestlemania III and when it looks like you are starting to tune him out he tells you, you will be in on the weekend or he will “MAKE YOU HUMBLE!”

Is there someone you’d think would make a better boss?  Let us know in the comments!


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