extinct shatner 786173 Priceline Made William Shatner A Millionaire

You might think that [lastfm]William Shatner[/lastfm]’s money was made from his stint as the one and only Captain Kirk or even from his numerous other singing or acting gigs, but you’d be wrong.  William Shatner wouldn’t be poor by any standards and has had a fairly successful career as an actor, but it’s his gig as the face of Priceline, the discount travel website that really brought home the bacon.

Warped speed to the millions!

When Captain James T. Kirk signed on to be the face of Priceline he told the small internet company to hold the paycheck and instead pay him in stock options.  Those options are now worth $600 million.

We’re sure any day now Shatner will put in an order for his very own life sized Enterprise mausoleum.  And why not?  It’s not like he’s going to take his mega-millions with him to the great beyond?

While we’re at it, check out one of our favorite videos of William Shatner doing his thing for Priceline:

[Source:  Gamma Squad]


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