mtcast Medieval Times Stick Up

This week, Jack FM gets all medieval on you.  With the Robin Hood movie coming out, it got us to thinking: Is anything more exciting than watching grown men wearing tights, eating turkey legs without using utensils and the sweet smell of sweaty horses after a good jousting?  Of course not; that was rhetorical.

The next Jack FM stickup is :
Thursday, May 13th at noon
In the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament parking lot.
7662 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park 90620

The first 100 chariots to arrive will be slapped with a Jack FM sticker, and their drivers will be handed a pair of tickets to see Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe plus a pair of tickets to Medieval Times that includes dinner and a tournament.

Tights optional.

Comments (39)
  1. Amy Wagor says:

    That’s my Boyfriend’s Birthday We’ll SO be THERE!!!!!

    1. BUTTERFLY says:


  2. brandi says:

    ill be there with bells on

  3. gABY says:

    It’s on like Donkey Kong!!!!

  4. mario mallorga says:

    I cant go…i have to sell Naranjas…next time jack

  5. Alain says:

    where is the DODGER Ticketsssss

    1. Tami Heide says:

      One stick up at a time my friend…

  6. slisjack says:

    So are when are these tickets good for Medieval Times? Same day, what time?

    1. Tami Heide says:

      They are good for any time !

  7. j. eldridge says:

    exactly where at do i have to be in the parking lot so I know where to park for the ticketaq I dont want to be on one side when Im suppose to be on the other. joe.

  8. Jon says:

    When will the sticker pimps be there? At the Honda C last year there was early chaos due to the fact that nobody knew where to be. Will there be a map available to check out? The movie passes are for what theaters? Thanks!

  9. j. eldridge says:

    where at in the parking lot?

  10. Ian Krazee says:

    I’m calling in sick… food poison from eating naranjas on the street!!!

  11. Mark Meyer says:

    OOoooo…Stick me up Tami!!! ; )

  12. eric Barrientos says:

    O’ no its On like BIG LONG DONKEY KONG

  13. Justin Deschaine says:

    Right on… Are we allowed to queue up before noon or do we have to show up then?

    1. brandi says:

      ill be there @ 6:00 am babyyy

  14. Sandra says:

    Awesome!! See all of you there!

  15. ANGELA says:


    1. Ozzy Ventura says:

      read the instructions -are u blond?

  16. Ozzy Ventura says:

    Excellento! Sir Jack

  17. David says:

    I believe the tickets are for any day and I think I’ll be there around 6am. LOL, Free Food!!! 🙂

  18. mr.Moo says:

    Can I show up on my motorcycle, yeah I am that freaking broke I dont have a car so I will be there

  19. Fish says:

    Come on, Jack, making me go to work on my day off?

    I was surprised that none of my bosses knew about you guys coming.

  20. Rod Smallwood says:

    I will be THERE……… Mustache and all.

  21. leikitty says:

    Por Que no jugamos alas damas chinas, while we wait?
    ( ^,~)

  22. leikitty says:

    Judging by the last entry by me on the 13th in the am.Guessing the rest of ya are already there? Now thats just funny, I dont care who ya are.

  23. Jon says:

    Yeah bummer, that’s 2 round trips in the gas consuming vehicle to see M.T., so it’s just too far for me, this time. But JACK always rocks, so maybe the next one will be for ROCK n ROLL tix, oh and damas chinas are cool to play. If you’ve never hung out at a stick up you missed a lot. Nobody can deny the power of JACK!! …. have fun y’all.

    1. Mariposa says:

      How was the stick up…was it worth the drive? Please give details. Thanks!

  24. Carrie says:

    JUST GOT BACK from the NOON, stickup… it’s not even NOON. tickets were gone according to Jordy, everything was gone by 7:30 this monring! This is rediculous.

  25. julia says:

    jack, don’t you know I have to work today. Can we do a weekend next time. I’ll try to send my sis. 😦

  26. Lara B. says:

    Pray have ye a wonderful time. Slappeth lots of sticky thingeths on ye chariots.

  27. Diane says:

    I wish I could be there!! I have to attend a lousy meeting about filming a marketing tool this weekend. Did I mention that others volunteered me and I’m not getting paid to do it?? 😦 I can so relate to the characters in Office Space!!

  28. Rod Smallwood says:

    We want to say thanks. We got to Medieval Times 2 Hrs. ahead of time. To find out everything was over at at 8am or before. I did not think Jack acted like that. I am very disappointed. A long time friend of Jack.

  29. jon says:

    Wow tix gone by 7:30 am, no way…..yeah, a weekend stickup would really be awesome. MAn, I would’ve been way late had I gone. Congrats to all who scored free passes.

  30. i think i like the comedy version of the Robin Movie starring Cary Elwis”*,

  31. robin hood movie has got lots of action and great cinematograpy.`-

  32. i always admire Robin Hood even during the times that i were still a little kid ..

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