1 22 reggie 1 New Gator at the L.A. Zoo
Remember Reggie the Alligator who was captured in Lake Machado in Harbor City after being dumped as an unwanted pet a few years back? Well, Reggie was a crafty gator who eluded trappers for years, but was finally caught and taken to the L.A. Zoo. He became one of their biggest attractions, and tried to escape from the zoo twice. Now Reggie has no reason to escape, because Cajun Kate has joined him.
Keep reading to find out who Cajun Kate is.
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Cajun Kate is Reggie’s new alligator companion. She moved in with him after Methusalah, the zoo’s eldest critter at age 70, passed away in March.
The duo are receiving visitors as of this week. Not sure where they are registered, but they do make a couple of handsome boots and wallets in the waiting.
[Source:  ABC Local & Fox News]
  1. Tami Heide says:

    Update to Reggie and Cajun Kate Story!
    Kate is a cougar gator!
    She is about 40, and Reggie is still in his teens. Hot!

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