promqueenlover1 Did YOUR Prom Date Spit Drunken Blood Balls at Cops?

Ah prom night. A cherished moment in every high school student’s life, filled with friends, fun, and that one time bomb of a kid who manages to turn the whole thing into a full fledged news story.  Ohio’s Jessica Halter, 18 lived every young woman’s dream at North Ridgeville High‘s prom recently by cursing out the assistant principal,  swinging a chair at the cops and hocking bloody spit balls at paramedics.

Someone get a camera on this girl, she’s like a one woman Jersey Shore!

The Smoking Gun reports:

According to a Lorain Police Department report, an officer working the North Ridgeville High School prom was approached by school administrators who had received several complaints about the “highly intoxicated” Halter. When told of these complaints,  Halter replied, “This is my fucking prom, this is bullshit.”

Halter, her speech slurred, denied drinking alcohol and cursed out the school’s principal and assistant principal. “You are fucking bitches, this is my prom, I’m not drunk,” said Halter. After refusing to take a Breathalyzer test, Halter attempted to swing a chair at cops, and then began “smacking her forehead into the chair handle causing her nose to bleed.”

While being handcuffed, Halter “began kicking, screaming, spitting and thrashing about.” As she was walked out of DeLuca’s catering hall, Halter–screaming obscenities–“let her legs go limp,” so officers had to carry the teen to a patrol car. That is when Halter “cleared her throat and spit a bloody ball of spit” at Officer Kyle Gelenius, whose name tag was ripped from his uniform by Halter during the confrontation.

Seated in the back of the cruiser, Halter “continued to spit blood on the windows, the divider, and the roof,” and kicked the vehicle’s window. For her prom night meltdown, Halter was booked into the Lorain County jail and charged with assaulting a cop, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and underage drinking.

Well, can you blame her? These kids grow up in a world where celebrities are rewarded for doing whatever they damn well please.  Plus, assistant principals and police officers usually suck–especially if you’re in high school.

We’re not saying Halter went about expressing herself in the most responsible of manners, but haven’t we all–at one time or another, just wanted to swing a chair at the “system” and cuss to the high heavens about how this is our “prom” while spitting bloody projectiles?

[Source: dlisted]

  1. vaderbot says:

    If it weren’t for these bipolar moments, life would be pretty lame. It seems every Jessica I have ever met in my own life have all been badasses. Don’t know what it is about that name that makes Jessicas go bad but I kinda like it.

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