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Q: These are a) aliens from outer space coming to murder all Earthlings b) mutants created out of frozen yogurt and a Mac keyboard c) the nightmare of a child who uses the Internet too much d) Heidi Montag’s new “look” after one too many plastic surgeries? e) answer after the jump

A: They’re the lovable mascots for the 2012 Olympic Games, hosted by London. They’re called Wenlock and Mandeville, after Much Wenlock, a village in Shropshire which held an event in the 19th century which inspired the modern Games, and Stoke Mandeville hospital, at which the Paralympic Games were founded. Also their heads are made of cameras and taxi lights.

Confused? Good, that means your brain still works.

An accompanying video attempts to explain the characters’ origin, but really just raises a whole slew of questions. Here’s basically what happens:

  • An old guy retires from his steel working job, goes home and makes these two toy looking things out of metal
  • He gives them to his grand kids, who set the inanimate objects on a window seal
  • A rainbow shoots through their bedroom and Wenlock and Mandeville come to life
  • They’re kind of silly and they joke around with the dog
  • They are also pretty clumsy while trying to imitate all kinds of pictures of past Olympic athletes that the kids have for some reason (maybe the kids’ absentee parents were Olympians?)
  • Then they run off into the sunset on rainbows that have shot directly inside the kids’ rooms
  • For the first time in the short, a narrator pipes up, explaining “Wenlock and Mandeville know that it is time to go. Their journey is just beginning. So many adventures to have. So many people to tell…”

At no point is there any explanation of what happened to the kids’ parents. We hope Mandeville and Wenlock didn’t have anything to do with it. Or maybe these mascots are the kids parents in a way? We’re at a loss:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Source: Yahoo News]

  1. camda says:

    Cute, but my dog would have tore those things apart like a chew toy.

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