dsc068461 copy Pac Mans Daddy Reminisces About His Ghost Eating Pixel Baby

What’s yellow, eats balls, and is occasionally terrorized by ghosts? No, it’s not the jaundiced crazy man down at the public park that chews stray tennis balls. It’s Pac-Man, the video game character who celebrated its 30th anniversary this past weekend. The game creator, Toru Iwatani, granted some interviews to commemorate the event and it turns out his Pac-baby had a pretty odd birth, involving ideas about women, fortune tellers, and how the little guy was almost one letter away from being named after a swear word.

In an interview with Wired, Iwatani describes how in creating the game, the development team had hoped to make video arcades inviting for couples and females:

“Video arcades were filled with games where you shoot aliens. It seemed very dark. It was for men, it wasn’t fashionable at all.”

Currently a professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University, at Namco Bandai’s Tokyo headquarters, the creator continued with his expert read on the ladies:

“When you think about things women like, you think about fashion, or fortune-telling, or food or dating boyfriends. So I decided to theme the game around ‘eating’–after eating dinner, women like to have dessert.”


Hitaro also says that the design for Pac-Man (originally named “Puck-Man” before being changed for fear of ‘F-word’ vandalization) came from removing one slice of pizza from a pizza pie.

He further explains how the ghosts within the game were based on his childhood appreciation for Casper the Friendly Ghost and Japanese manga ghost Obake no Q-taro.

Or in other words:

ghosts Pac Mans Daddy Reminisces About His Ghost Eating Pixel Baby

In honor of the game, Google users were treated to a playable version of the “Google” doodle themed after Pac-Man, still accessible here.

[Source: Wired]


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