gene simmons Gene Simmons Not Charged For Mall Temper Tantrum

Last December, rocker Gene Simmons lost his cool after a couple filmed him at the Grove shopping center and he allegedly attacked them.  Once again superstar status keeps another grouchy rocker from jail as no charges were filed against Simmons, but what about a separate civil lawsuit against him?

The district attorney’s office stated that there wasn’t enough evidence supporting the reported attacked of fans Nathan Marlowe and his wife Cynthia Manzo. The couple claimed Simmons attacked them and took their video camera after filming the star at the Grove in LA.

Simmons was pleading on self-defense, saying Marlowe shoved the camera in his face and he feared for his family safety against the crazed fans. 

Simmons also has a separate civil lawsuit filed against him for sexually harassing makeup artist Victoria Jackson on the ESPN Sports Center set.  Jackson claimed that Simmons “shook her hand, grabbed and hugged her, with his costume’s spiked chest plate jabbing her in the face,” then later grinded into her, which she described the incident as “degrading, shocking and humiliating.”

The case is still pending, but odds are it will be filed in the “not enough evidence” bin with the previous lawsuit.

[Source: Yahoo]


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