Did Roid Rage Prompt Wrestler To Rip Out A Man’s Heart?

dumb heart Did Roid Rage Prompt Wrestler To Rip Out A Mans Heart?

In the breaking “WTF” news realm, a new story has come out reporting that an MMA wrestler killed a man by ripping his heart out.

How could he be so…heartless?

Read on to find out.

Jarrod Wyatt, a training MMA fighter, reportedly killed his friend, Taylor Powell, by cutting him open and removing his heart while he was still alive!

Wyatt supposedly drank tea spiked with a hallucinogenic mushroom and became convinced that his friend was possessed by the devil. He then thought it best to kill him.  Obviously, he was unable to reach the local exorcist. The gruesome scene occurred in Klamath, California at Wyatt’s flat.

Wyatt has been arrested and charged with first degree murder and torture. His lawyer is defending him by saying that “he was silencing the devil.” Great argument. What are they gonna say next? He ate an unhealthy amount of Twinkies! Wait… What? That argument’s already been used before?

The moral of the story. Don’t drink tea… or do drugs.

[Source:  Oh No They Didn’t]


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  1. vaderbot says:

    …..Oh and don’t tear your homeboys heart out!!…

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