Tool Frontman Talks New Album and Summer Tour

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It’s been four years since [lastfm]Tool[/lastfm] put out an album, and if the five-year gaps in their discography are any indication, a new album should be released within the year. Still, don’t bank on it. Frontman [lastfm]Maynard James Keenan[/lastfm] says the new album will be released “when it’s ready.” In the meantime, fans can get their fix of the prog-metal band during the their 16-city summer tour, which kicks off June 19 in New Orleans.

Learn more about the new album below.

[pullquote quote=”I’ve been practicing my power slides watching Bruce Springsteen.” credit=”Maynard James Keenan”]

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Keenan teased [lastfm]Tool [/lastfm] concert-goers with the prospect of new material, saying, “We’re always writing. If it comes together, yeah, you’ll hear some new stuff. If it’s not ready, you won’t.”

Keenan also explained the five-year gaps between albums, explaining it takes time to produce an album of substance. He said:

We¬†don’t wait. That’s the misconception. Most bands get into a contract and are forced to put out a third record before they’re ready. And generally speaking, that third record always ends up being about the road, a lawsuit or the press because they don’t have anything to talk about. They haven’t lived their lives.

Of how to shock fans during [lastfm]Tool[/lastfm]’s summer tour, Keenan said, “Maybe I’ll just come out in my birthday suit. A 46-year-old naked dude running around onstage. Lets see how that goes over.”

All joking aside, he adds, “There might be all new visuals. I’ve been practicing my power slides watching [lastfm]Bruce Springsteen[/lastfm].” On second thought…

There’s a visual: Maynard drinking his Arizona wine in nothing but his birthday suit while watching slides of Springsteen. No judgement, dude. Work your magic!

And in case you didn’t know, yes — Maynard own his own vineyard and winery. Scope out the interview with the reclusive singer speaking about his wine below!

[Source: Rolling Stone]


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