Lilo Tweets: How Much Does a Twit-lebrity Make?

lindsaylohantwitter Lilo Tweets: How Much Does a Twit lebrity Make?

If we had a dollar for every time we “accidentally” got drunk and then “accidentally” posted a drunken TwitPic of ourselves, we might make enough to hire an internet geek to purge the web of incriminating evidence but never as much as [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm]. In the world of pay-per-tweet celebrity tweeting, Lilo is still the queen and she doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of her court ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet.

To find out how much [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan [/lastfm] makes by posting 140-characters of bitter, self-important tirades, how horrible/awesome [lastfm]Samantha Ronson [/lastfm] is or what she had for lunch, depress yourself a little today by clicking more.

While Lindsay Lohan may now be a celebrity pariah who is banned from movie sets, local bars, and other people’s girlfriends, the Twitter world cannot chain her down! In fact, Lohan actually commands the highest Twitter dollar amount for each thing that she tweets. What does this mean? It means she can get paid $10,000+ for tweeting nonsense like “Its so pretty outside by the beach today :).”

She’s even getting paid to hype up companies like Beyond the Rack, a discount fashion company. On June 22nd, Lohan tweeted, “Are you kidding?? Burberry’s on sale today Beyond the Rack! Just bought a scarf and hobo!! Bring it on!! Ad.” For this, Lilo is getting paid top dollar which is more than fellow tweet celebrities, Kim Kardashian and [lastfm]Soulja Boy[/lastfm]. They only make about $10,000 a tweet. Other celebs are not as lucky; no one really cares what they are eating so they only get about four-figures.

If you are afraid for your favorite celeb’s bank account, have no fear; word on the interwebs is that soon celebrities will be paid as much as $20,000 per tweet. If you are really afraid that includes [lastfm]Tila Tequila[/lastfm], so are we.

While we are waiting for [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan’s [/lastfm] supposedly epic Linda Lovelace biopic, we get to enjoy her idyllic trips to the beach and discounts on Burberry scarves. And we will still continue to try to make money off our “accidental” Twitpics.

Hey. If Lindsay can do it, so can we.

[Source: ONTD]


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