adam santarossa Contest Winners Prize Is To Live Inside Giant Soccer Ball

Most of us are watching the World Cup games from the comfort of our own homes still in our PJs or at our local watering hole, but imagine being confined for a minimum of 22 hours inside a massive replica of the official Adidas Jabulani World Cup soccer ball for all the games.

For Australian contest winner Adam Santarossa, this is actually his prize to watch all 64 games from his new living quarters inside the giant ball. It’s not such a bad set up though, check out all the perks he’s hooked up with for the next month…

Adam Santarossa was selected by Adidas to spend the whole World Cup month living inside a giant scale replica of the widely hated Jabulani World Cup ball. Despite the fact he’s on display like a caged animal where passersby can peer into port window of the ball, Santarossa has it pretty good.

adam santarossa2 Contest Winners Prize Is To Live Inside Giant Soccer Ball

For the next month all he has to worry about is watching the games, writing blogs, tweeting and playing video games.  Basically a normal day in a young dude’s life, except he’s getting paid to lounge around. 

Other people have work commitments and family commitments. My only problem is getting my blog done on time. It’s an easy life I’m living. I’m sure people will be quite jealous.

The AFP explained, “Santarossa has a cleaner, free laundry, a PlayStation 3 and a laptop, and will get 3,000 dollars ($2,600 U.S.) for his trouble, along with the contents of the ball and three bags full of sports gear.”

Not a bad gig at all, although he does have to live with the shame Australia is out of the competition…

[Source: Yahoo!]

  1. Joe says:

    That is THE life. Too bad the Jubulani ball was a bust. says fifa never got it right

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