cbsliam Liam Gallagher Reads The Mind Of John Lennon

No one knows the taste of their own foot quite like [lastfm]Liam Gallagher[/lastfm]. According to the ex-[lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] member, he knows the [lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] song that [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm] would have wanted the [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] to cover. Which one would Lennon have picked, according to Liam? Check it out post-jump.

Surprise, surprise – it’s “I’m Outta Time,” one of the few Oasis singles that Liam, and not his brother Noel, wrote.

But at least his reasoning is solid: “I reckon ‘I’m Outta Time’,” he said. “Because it’s the bollocks.”

In fairness, Gallagher was asked the question during an online chat. He didn’t just call journalists and volunteer this information.

He also has been asked probing questions like “Who takes longer to get changed, you or your wife Nicole?” and “What’s the inspiration for [lastfm]Beady Eye[/lastfm]?” for the “Ask Liam” section of the website Pretty Green, with the latter receiving a reply of “Mind your own [expletive] business.”

Here’s the video for the aforementioned “I’m Outta Time”:

  • Is this the one the [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] would have covered? Or did John tell you something different?

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