QOTSA Singer Josh Homme To Revive Taste and Rock ‘n’ Roll

qotsa queens of the stone age josh homme them crooked vultures eagles of death metal rekords rekords desert sessions wolfman jack where the shit hits the fan johannes spark debut new q QOTSA Singer Josh Homme To Revive Taste and Rock n Roll

[lastfm]Josh Homme[/lastfm] started with cult-following stoner metal band [lastfm]Kyuss[/lastfm], then [lastfm]Eagles of Death Metal[/lastfm] and the [lastfm]Dave Grohl[/lastfm][lastfm]John Paul Jones[/lastfm] supergroup [lastfm]Them Crooked Vultures[/lastfm]. But he’s not stopping there. The singer-guitarist aims to change music, with an emphasis on creating quality content over selling records.

Learn what tricks Homme has up his sleeve below!

[pullquote quote=”There’s no tap dance with a label executive who just wants to sell stuff. ” credit=”Josh Homme”]

The 37-year-old will revive Rekord Rekords, the once-boutique record label that issued [lastfm]Eagles of Death Metal[/lastfm], [lastfm]Mondo Generator[/lastfm] and Homme‘s Desert Sessions.

Homme, however, intends to make Rekords Rekords more than just another label. He aspires to deliver, not just music, but art books and DVDs as well.

He said of his goal:

“I want to make Rekords Rekords like the Wolfman Jack of releasing stuff, said Homme, referring to the iconic 1960s radio jockey.  He continued by saying:

You listen to him for his taste. I want to build up a trust with the audience. Our slogan is ‘Where the “Sh*t” Hits the Fan’ — with the ‘sh*t’ in quotes.

His approach to create a different type of label comes from his experience with major record labels, who often concern themselves more with sales and profitability than quality. He said:

Finally we’re in a time frame where you can make music and art just for the sake of it. There’s no tap dance with [a label executive] who just wants to sell stuff. My only rule with Rekords Rekords is that I have to love nine out of 10 songs.

But QOTSA fans needn’t worry his new project will detour the band from making new music. Homme hopes to have a new QOTSA album out next year. So what can fans expect this time around?

I have ideas already absolutely. It’s all about wiggling hips. The music is gonna go further down that strange and lovely path of Era Vulgaris.

Reminisce with the track that shot [lastfm]Josh Homme[/lastfm] into the mainstream stratosphere back in 2002, “No One Knows” by QOTSA below!

[Source: RollingStone]


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