cbsbeck Beck, Moore Cover An Unlikely Classic

Beck Record Club is one of the reasons Al Gore first invented the Internet: The Angelino guitarist and songwriter teams up with other musicians to cover, start to finish, a full album. Thus far, Beck and friends have attached [lastfm]INXS[/lastfm]’ Kick, Songs of [lastfm]Leonard Cohen[/lastfm] and the [lastfm]Velvet Underground[/lastfm] classic The Velvet Underground and Nico. Without rehearsing, the band gets together, figures out the songs and records the resulting covers to videos, which are then uploaded to Beck’s website.

Who’s next to get the Record Club treatment? Find out after the jump!

[lastfm]Beck[/lastfm] is now teaming up with Thurston Moore and Tortoise of [lastfm]Sonic Youth[/lastfm] to cover …


That’s right. This [lastfm]Yanni[/lastfm]:

Starting with “Santorini,” [lastfm]Beck[/lastfm] and company will make their way through [lastfm]Yanni[/lastfm]’s Live at the Acropolis album.

“A TV special of the concert was played repeatedly on PBS through the mid 90’s,” said [lastfm]Beck[/lastfm]’s website, as some form of (inadequate!) explanation.

To cleanse the palate, here’s [lastfm]Beck[/lastfm],[lastfm]St. Vincent[/lastfm] and members of the [lastfm]Liars[/lastfm] doing “New Sensation” by [lastfm]INXS[/lastfm].

Can [lastfm]Beck[/lastfm] and company turn [lastfm]Yanni[/lastfm] into gold? Or at least into not-[lastfm]Yanni[/lastfm]? New tracks will be uploaded weekly to [lastfm]Beck[/lastfm]’s website.

[Source: Rolling Stone]


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