‘Inception’: 5 Minutes of Trippy Clips

 Inception: 5 Minutes of Trippy Clips

If you’ve waiting all summer for an action blockbuster film that feels like a seven-day peyote trip in a science fiction sweat lodge, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is here to basically hijack all the box office dollars and twist your already twisted mind with his sci-fi fantasy thriller, Inception.

While the film is being released on July 16th, having an A-list director, a Matrix-like storyline, and actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio,  Ken Watanabe, and Michael Caine has already made the fanboys giddy so, of course, someone made a 5-minute clip with crucial scenes from the movie. If you enjoy being teased, click more!

The premise of the movie is a little metaphysical, a little supernatural, and a whole lot of confusing. In the crudest summation of the movie possible, there is a guy named Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is in charge of subconscious security and “extraction.” He needs to redeem himself after abusing his powers by stealing ideas. Cobb and his cohorts are given one last job where he needs to “plant an idea” rather than extract one. Along the way, metaphorical speeches are given, things don’t happen “as planned,” and general mayhem ensues. All the things Hollywood needs for a hit film!

Here is the 5-minute clip provided to us by Adictoalfilm. It doesn’t really illuminate much other than the fact that this movie is visually stunning.

If none of that makes sense, watch the trailer that goes over each other the movie’s characters.

All signs point to movie viewers getting an epic mind trip for $11.50. That’s the cheapest trip we’ve had in years!

[Source: ONTD]


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