ozzy osbourne Ozzy the Health Nut?

61-year-old rock god, [lastfm]Ozzy Osbourne[/lastfm], shocks and amazes again. But this time he’s not mangling his English, attempting decapitation on ATVs, or swallowing some treats from the medicine cabinet.

Find out what he’s up to after the jump.

Instead of hitting the bottle, Ozzy Osbourne is hitting the gym. According to The Daily Telegraph, the self-proclaimed hypochrondriac is kind of a freak when it comes to avoiding illness.

After wife, Sharon, narrowly escaped bowel cancer, Ozzy has really honed in on scrapping his bad health habits.

To remain in true Ozzy fashion, the singer gets exercise on his own terms, opting to skip the boring parts like stretching “or any of that s**t” and instead goes straight to breakin’ a sweat.

We imagine his workout regimine includes a 10-minute headbanging warm-up followed by running from his former addictions, and a cool-down of turn-your-head-and-coughing with the dozens of doctors he’s got dissecting his body for genetic testing.

And, of course, a strict diet of organically fed bats. Yes, we brought it up… again.  We refuse to let a legend like that die.

Here’s to good health and your eventual cloning, Ozzy!

  • Check out Ozzy’s video,  “Let Me Hear You Scream”, which is sure to be on the setlist on his current Ozzfest Tour.

[Source: Music-News]


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