cbstomjones Tom Jones Strikes Back At Label Criticism

[lastfm]Tom Jones[/lastfm], the man who taught us all that “it’s not unusual to be loved,” certainly isn’t feeling the love from someone at his record label! Find out what a corporate bigwig at Island Records said about Jones’ new album — and how Jones shot back — after the jump!

Island Records VP David Sharpe called the new album from [lastfm]Tom Jones[/lastfm], Praise & Blame, a “sick joke,” adding that the gospel-tinged record was “certainly not what we paid for.”

Jones may be a lover, but he’s not above fighting.

Sharpe is just “some fella who writes the checks,” he said, adding, “it’s not coming from the creative people in the record company, because they’re backing it up all the way, I mean they’re thrilled with it, so I don’t understand it.”

This is Jones’ first album with Island, and this is certainly a rocky start to the relationship.

“They’ve apologized, they can’t apologize enough – and they’ve said ‘we’ll make good on this,'” Jones claims.

The new album is set to be released at the end of July.

Does this beef seem legit? Or does it smell of a PR campaign, and if it is, is it working ? Do you want to check out the new album?

Here’s a pallet cleanser from a simpler time:

[Source: Wales Online]

  1. cindy fortune. says:

    HI! Tom.If you had 1 song to singer to your fan what it would be and of you tom.miss you in pa tom.

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