lindsay lohan as linda lovelace inferno movie adult porn stars weigh give opinion on casting digital playground girls jesse jane chanel preston exclusive interview jack fm and mtv Exclusive! About Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace, According to Adult Movie Stars Jesse Jane and Chanel Preston

Adult actresses Jesse Jane and Chanel Preston recently spoke with MTV News and weighed in on [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm] playing Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace, arguably the most famous adult actress of all time.

Well, we got a little jealous of these two beauties stroking MTV‘s ego, and asked them if they would show us some love as well. The ladies were kind enough to share with us their opinion on the troubled actress playing an icon that, not only changed the adult industry, but America as well.

Find out what the sexy adult industry insiders had to say about Lindsay and Linda below!

[pullquote quote=”I don’t believe anything will ruin Linda Lovelace’s legacy. There’s a reason she’s a legend.” credit=”Adult actress Jesse Jane about the possibility of Lohan failing to capture the Deep Throat star”]

Jesse Jane — star of Pirates, the highest grossing adult film of all time — explained to MTV why she thought Lohan might be the perfect actress to play the famous 1970s adult actress. She said:

Lindsay, I think, will really be able to tap into Linda Lovelace because they might have a lot of things in common.

And, in fact, there are many parallels between the two. Like Lohan, Lovelace came from a dysfunctional family, became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and felt she was used by people who were supposed to care for her.

But will Lohan‘s bad-girl reputation soil the audience’s perspective of Lovelace? We asked Jesse Jane what risks she thought the adult actress legacy will face if the fallen Disney star fails to capture her. She said:

I don’t believe anything will ruin Linda Lovelace‘s legacy. There’s a reason she’s a legend. People who have portrayed other people’s lifes in movies who have done bad, have not ruined the reputation of the person they were portraying

Since her 2007 DUI arrest, for which she was sentenced last week to 90-days in jail, Lohan‘s acting career took a toll. So what risks will the troubled actress face if she fails to deliver in Inferno? Chanel Preston told us:

I feel this is the most challenging role Lindsay has had yet. It’s not always easy to accurately portray a real person. The audience has expectations, and you really need to get inside the person’s head and understand them. If Lindsay fails at this then it could prevent her from gaining other challenging or more serious roles.

Another similarity that arguably exists between the two actresses is that Lohan, like Lovelace, didn’t take responsibility for many of her actions.

Of course, Lohan started acting very young, and many critics and fans alike feel the pressures and temptations of the entertainment industry were too much for a young girl to handle.

After her porn career, Lovelace became part of the anti-pornography movement, and said she was forced to do porn by an ex-husband, and that Deep Throat was filmed with the director pointing a gun to her head. But, while some witnesses have sided with Lovelace‘s accounts of abuse, many others say she was not coerced, but actually enjoyed doing porn.

[pullquote quote=”She’s had many chances to get her head straight. Sometimes you need to be taught a lesson.” credit=”Jesse Jane on Lindsay Lohan’s 90-day jail sentence”]

So what similar traps, if any, does Jesse Jane think young women breaking into the adult industry face that parallel the traps childhood actresses face when they try to shed their innocent image?

Criticism of course. Whether the person is good or bad — in porn or non-adult — they are always going to be criticized in some way by someone. Or some directors convince them to do something they weren’t ready for. The expose their vulnerability.

Exposed vulnerability or not, Lohan‘s past is riddled with reckless driving, stealing clothes and jewelry, as well disrespecting authority figures, such as the director of Labor Pains, and most recently exhibited in writing “F*ck U” on her middle finger’s nail directed at the judge during her July 6 court hearing.

And while the Mean Girls actress is fighting the 90-day jail sentence, others, including adult stars Chanel Preson and Jesse Jane, think the sentence may benefit the struggling 24-year-old.

“I think it might help her,” Jane said, “[Help] keep her out of trouble; sober up some. She’s had many chances to get her head straight. Sometimes you need to be taught a lesson.”

Inferno director Matthew Wilder sided with Lohan, saying her sentence is “outrageously outsized,” but many wonder if the actress’ self-destructive ways will cost her the opportunity before filming even begins.

And while cutie Anna Faris and crazie Courtney Love were both considered for the role in the past, both Preston and Jane feel Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie could accurately capture the iconic adult actress’ notoriety.

“She is so open and sexual and doesn’t care what people think of her,” Jane said.

But does Jane think Lovelace would be pleased that Lohan is cast to play her in the major motion picture story of her life? The AVN-winning actress said:

I think she would be pleased that they are making a mainstream movie about her — period, regardless who is playing her.

Whether Linda Lovelace is played by [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm] or someone else, ultimately Inferno is about the rise and fall of an icon that helped redefine American society, and hopefully will enlighten viewers.

“I hope the audience focuses on Linda and who she was, rather then what the porn industry is like,” Preston said. “I’m sure there will be movies that accurately show how the industry is today. This may not be one of them.”

Check out Jane and Preston‘s interview with MTV here. For Jesse Jane‘s site click here, and Chanel Preston‘s here.

lindsay lohan as linda lovelace inferno movie adult porn stars weigh give opinion on casting digital playground girls jesse jane chanel preston exclusive interview jack fm and mtv 1 Exclusive! About Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace, According to Adult Movie Stars Jesse Jane and Chanel Preston

Promoshoot gallery of [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm] as Linda Lovelace below!

[photogallerylink id=11775]

[Source: The lips of Jesse Jane and Chanel Preston as told to our ears]

Comments (9)
  1. Miss Von says:

    I’m so sick of hearing that her sentence is “outrageously outsized” and the likes. I would like to remind everyone that the girl had not 1 but 2 DUI’s! I think Jane is right “it might help her and keep her out of trouble; sober up some.”

  2. vaderbot says:

    Great post. I’m hoping Lindsay Lohan will bounce back stronger and better than before. Poor girl, but she needs to grow up and snap to reality. Drew Barrymore did and she is still working in showbiz and so did Robert Downy Jr. who I thought was hopeless and quite frankly believed he was going to die if he didn’t decide to help himself. I’m a well wisher and I think L.L. needs a little love from others and herself.

  3. chris says:

    i’m wondering if the director and producers ever thought about casting a porn star in the lovelace role. probably not someone so built up that we couldn’t separate them from their brand, but someone new to the industry. someone going through many of the questions and concerns lovelace struggled with.

    great article, ms martinez.

  4. Douglas says:

    You know you’ve hit rock bottom when an adult film star is giving you advice. (Not to say anything negative about Jesse James, who is obviously well respected in the industry…I absolutely heart Jesse James!)

    Lindsey can’t act. Period.

    Her hilarious courtroom “confessions” about trying to do the right thing were fallen on 99% deft ears. She should just go for the gonzo,..I mean gusto…and do the real deal. At least she can live up to her drive.

    PS: Anna Faris, bow-chicka-bow-wow!

  5. TTAB says:

    I think she might do a good job. It might be cheaper to have Linsey than Jolie.

  6. chpower says:

    @ vaderbot – big, big difference in downey and lohan – downey has acting talent, lohan is shit and thrives on her self-induced, spoiled brat syndrome. she might ‘need’ some love, yet has far from earned any… @ chris and douglas – both spot on, imo… as far as the article, ms. martinez, stow this ‘exclusive’ until all shakes out… my guess is that if this movie is even ever made, the actors will be rearranged from now-time, and the story line will be so far off base that even linda would deem it fantasy…

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