pearl jam Pearl Jam: Giving the Oceans A Pearl of Hope

Our oceans have been ravaged both recently and over the course of time: pollution, fishing that depleted the ocean’s natural resources, and the BP oil spill. These things can be looked at as products of human neglect, but [lastfm]Pearl Jam [/lastfm] wants us to know that among the devastating grime there is the hope of a pearl.

[lastfm]Pearl Jam’s [/lastfm] new video “Amongst the Waves” is an artistic homage to their charitable efforts towards ocean conservation. To watch the video and find out how you can help, click more!

[lastfm]Pearl Jam[/lastfm] is so devoted to ocean restoration that they have set up a website called Oceans that has tons of important facts and information on how you can help, including alternative and renewable energy, the acidification of the ocean, “green” fishing and ocean clean-up work. Guitarist [lastfm]Stone Gossard [/lastfm]explains why they decided to create Oceans:

“If we don’t consider the fragility and finite capacity of our planets oceans, we may destroy our most precious resource. Our ocean will only survive if the world agrees to sustain her.”

While the website has links directing towards the Gulf Restoration Network that you can donate to, [lastfm]Pearl Jam[/lastfm] has also made it possible to donate by purchasing the video of “Amongst the Waves” off  iTunes. All proceeds go to Conservation International’s Marine Programs.

[lastfm]Pearl Jam[/lastfm] doesn’t have any new music coming out, but Stone Gossard’s side-project BRAD is coming out with an album called Best Friends? on [lastfm]Pearl Jam’s [/lastfm] Monkeywrench Records.

[Source: Rolling Stone]


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