nirvana kurt cobain director oren moverman who did bob dylan biopic im not there itll be raw and chaotic which is what cobains life was like produced by courtney love robert pattinso Director Speaks About Kurt Cobain Biopic, Sans Casting Drama

It was 16 years ago that [lastfm]Kurt Cobain[/lastfm] took his life, but his music and influence live on, most recently demonstrated in the pre-production work of a film about the musician’s life.

And while so far the film garnered attention mostly because there was talk of Twilight “dreamboat” Robert Pattinson playing the talented rocker, finally we have new details that focus on the film itself, and not the casting drama.

Find out what the director’s approach is below!

Oren Moverman, the writer of the Oscar-nominated [lastfm]Bob Dylan[/lastfm] biopic I’m Not There, said of his approach on the film about Cobain‘s life:

It’ll be raw and chaotic, which is what Cobain’s life was like, but it’s more linear than I’m Not There; it’ll take you from A to Z. People know the shortcut version — he took a lot of heroin, wrote ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, became the biggest rock star in the world, and killed himself. Those known things about him are to me the least interesting.

We love the fact that it’s a talented writer/director working on this project, and not just someone whose going to drum-up a summer blockbuster hit. Not to mention that he understands the importance of highlighting what Kurt was really about, instead of the superficial details that most people know about him. It’s how Kurt would undoubtedly would have wanted it.

Check out this interview below on [lastfm]Kurt Cobain[/lastfm] keeping it real back in 1993.

[Source: Collider]


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