Robert Halford Still Puts the Pedal to the Metal

judas priest rob halford old bald live on stage screaming cropped photo pic tattoo leather studs gay metal singers 2010 tour 2011 solo album halford Robert Halford Still Puts the Pedal to the Metal

At 58 years old, [lastfm]Judas Priest[/lastfm] frontman [lastfm]Rob Halford[/lastfm] doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. Not only does he still tour with Grammy-winning [lastfm]Judas Priest[/lastfm], but he also tours with his solo metal project, [lastfm]Halford[/lastfm], and keeps busy working on his own record label.

Find out how this heavy metal god tackles life in the fast lane below!

On multitasking between Judas Priest, Halford and his own record label:

Things have really been coming together well so far. Over the last few years – since we put Metal God Records together – we’ve been re-servicing the Halford releases in different formats and part of that was to keep my material out in the world. I wanted to make sure that people could get the physical pieces – the CDs and the DVDs – and also to launch the label and get it up and running and make sure we can deliver good products and make quality material available.

On his solo band, Halford, touring with Ozzfest 2010 with his already busy schedule:

It sounds like it might be a lot, but everything about it is running really smoothly. I’m really big on efficiency; if it’s not efficient, I have a very short fuse and can’t take it. I’m used to working with very professional people and in this business – as is the case in almost any – there are deadlines that have to be met and there really shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t be met unless something really catastrophic happens.

On producing the music with Halford in a timely fashion and demonstrating their dedication:

I work very quickly in the studio, and I’ve got these wonderful friends that work with me. It literally only takes me a couple of days to do all the vocals here in San Diego, and then Roy takes those and does all the mixing and the mastering. I work with some very wonderful people and we’re all pulling together and making it happen. The same sort of order and efficiency works for everything else we do. We’ll see what happens – we’re really just moving ahead from day to day but, from a business point of view, we know promoters want to see what we’re about; we know that we can’t live on past glories. Bands don’t get book exclusively on the knowledge of what they’ve done in the past, I think it’s about relevance in today’s world and so I think that, as we move forward and people see what we’re capable of and what we have planned, more dates will open up as we go.

On satisfaction, and balancing work and play:

As you get older, most things in life start to make more sense than they did when you were in your twenties and thirties but I think I am enjoying it more now than I ever did back then because there’s nothing left to prove; I’m not up against any sort of wall of criticism. I mean, I’ve done it all, I’ve been it all, I’ve seen it all – these are like the bonus rounds as far as the opportunities go. Personally, I’m having the time of my life right now just doing what I really want to do. That’s a nice feeling, and having all the fans supporting Priest and the other endeavors – it’s just tremendously gratifying that you can still go out and do what you want to do more than anything else in the world and that’s write metal and play metal live.

[Source: ONTD]


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