The Governator Plays Mel Gibson for the Fool

Our Governator may be tearing up at the California economy but he sure knows how to make the funny when it comes to snarking on the most detested man of the hour, Mel Gibson.

Put a little muscle into that lazy 9-to-5 finger and click more for some Austrian antics against that muddler Mel.

Dearest Mel,

When the Governor of a state, no matter how burly and manly that Governor may be, publicly compares you to a devastatingly toxic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, you better find yourself a great big hole (or Malibu mansion) to hide out in for the next few years.

Especially when that Governor is in a prosaic meeting with some utilities commissioners and decides satirize you as an unnatural disaster, quipping, “while BP seems to have contained its well, no one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson.”

It’s not enough that everyone thinks you are drunk, vulgar, racist and according to Oksana Grigorieva, an abuser of your baby daughter, but now your old acting pal turned pompous politician is demanding his audience turn off their cells  “because we are expecting a call from him.”

Not that Arnie hasn’t had his own highly inappropriate prank phone calls.

Your spokesperson Alan Nierob jabbed back at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inevitable return back to showbiz after his fanciful game at playing governor. At least someone has your back!

Go donate to some charities and make a couple of reconcillatory speeches, Mel, so we don’t have to mix our global affairs with your Gibson-fied gambols into impropriety.

Love, US.

[Source: ONTD]


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