Smashing Noggins: Billy Corgan Wipes Out On Stage

billy corgan Smashing Noggins: Billy Corgan Wipes Out On Stage

While performing mid song during his Tampa, Florida show Thursday night with his new installment of [lastfm]Smashing Pumpkins[/lastfm], lead man Billy Corgan took a nasty spill on stage, falling backwards and smashing his head against the drum riser. 

Luckily, the singer only suffered minor bruising, which doesn’t makes us feel even a slightest bit guilty of watching the fan-captured video of Corgan’s biff on stage…

Corgan must have been working up a sweat during his performance Thursday night, because he collapsed not from being sloppy drunk or clumsy, but from passing out while rocking a little too hard.  But like a true champion, Corgan came to after a couple of seconds and dived right back into the song. And of course someone in the crowd was filming the whole incident.

Corgan Tweeted later on that he had no recollection of the blackout, but is left with a few bumps on the head. 

billy corgan twitter e1279912602827 Smashing Noggins: Billy Corgan Wipes Out On Stage

Despite the mishap, Corgan and the new and improved Pumpkins will continue on the tour with their next stop in Knoxville, Tenn.

[Source: People, Twitter]


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