new kiss KISS Bytes: Paul Stanley Claims Hes Replaceable, New Tour Announced

Theatrical hard rock band [lastfm]KISS [/lastfm]has announced new tour dates in North America.  [lastfm]Paul Stanley[/lastfm] recently spoke to Spin Magazine revealing his thoughts on the upcoming tour and the legacy of KISS.

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The Spin interview is very interesting because Paul Stanley talks about his experiences being a cab driver, his onstage banter, to KISS’s interesting merchandise choices – including coffins (called the Kiss Kasket).

When asked whether Stanley could be replaced he said,

I’m really not of the belief that I can’t be replaced. I didn’t invent the wheel. There’s someone else out there who can do what I do, maybe a little differently. I believe that Kiss is bigger than it’s individual members.  I would be proud to know that I was right and have somebody else up there in my place when it’s called for. That won’t be anytime soon, but someday it could happen.

KISS has always been a band that has a killer live show.  Putting music aside, their live show is a spectacle — pyrotechnics, blood, band members flying through the air, it’s pure entertainment.  They have outdone many other bands live in terms of outrageous stunts.

Stanley says of their aerodynamic show:

If you think you’re going to spend your hard-earned money and see some guy with an acoustic guitar sitting on a rug singing about saving the whales, you’re at the wrong show.

KISS will play their last North American date in California later this year when they play in….Fontana?  Really?

Yes, they will be playing at the California Speedway in Fontanta, September 25th.  All you race fans/KISS-heads get the make-up ready and head on over to your local race track!

Can you get enough of KISS? Well one fan can’t, take a listen to this caller who left JACK a message, for the PhonerKaraoke.

A typical intro to a KISS song courtesy of Gene Simmons:

[Source:  Spin Magazine]


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