33323451 Hugh Laurie Built the House of Blues

We dug [lastfm]Jason Schwartzman[/lastfm] before we ever knew he was from [lastfm]Phantom Planet[/lastfm]. A nd fell deeper in love with [lastfm]Zooey Deschanel[/lastfm] when we heard [lastfm]She & Him[/lastfm]. And yes, even [lastfm]Steven Seagal[/lastfm] has a special place in our heart when he picks those blues out from under those weathered fingers. Weathered fingers only a lawman could have accrued from chasing so many bad guys, I assume.

And now it looks as though the Hall of Actors Moonlighting as Musicians will need to make room for another maestro. Right between the gold-plated copies of [lastfm]Jada Pinkett Smith[/lastfm]’s Wiked Wisdom & [lastfm]Kevin Costner & The Modern West[/lastfm]’s Untold Truths, there is a hollowed space reserved for one man’s divergence into hallowed New Orleans Blues territory.

And that one man can only be: House.

[lastfm]Hugh Laurie[/lastfm] is brilliant. Not only has he tricked thousands of Americans into thinking he’s really a doctor, but he’s tricked thousands of Americans into thinking he’s really an American. Now he’s taking on the challenge of convincing everyone he’s a Bluesman.

Recently, Hugh Laurie signed with Warner Music Entertainment to release an album in the near future. Backed by two-time Grammy Award Winner [lastfm]Joe Henry[/lastfm], the two decided to share Laurie’s taste for the blues.

In all honesty, we should have seen this coming. Hugh Laurie has been playing music on House since it’s conception. [lastfm]Meat Loaf[/lastfm] invited Laurie to tickle the ivories on a couple tracks on 2010’s “Hang Loose, Teddy Bear”. Laurie even plays pianist in a band consisting of other actors, appropriately titled Band from TV.

So let’s have it, Hugh. Bring it on! We realize that when actors cross over to musicianship, it can be a bumpy ride (I’m looking at you, Eddie Murphy). But leave it to House to remedy our anxiety by saying:

Zooey Deschanel

Spoken like a true Cajun, Hugh. Or is it too soon to start calling him Blind Love Laurie?

[Source:  Billboard]

  1. Claire S says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. ❤ House and hidden/extra talents. Keep 'em coming.

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