Beach Boys: Loadin Up Their Woody Since 1961

What do a bunch of billionaire beach bum blue hairs think about a bosomy whipped cream pop babe who ripped off their pick-up line niche (hey, if you were told you were the hottest in the world, you’d fall for it right?) and, interestingly, their blue hair?

After the cut,[lastfm] The Beach Boys[/lastfm] beat the dead sea-horse to a bloody pulp i.e. the topic of whether they are going to “tour again.” After, they tackle their soon-to-be second most exhausting topic; [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s cotton-candy clad “tribute” to their quintessential California choon, “California Girls (Gurls).”

When it comes to beers, babes, bikinis and a good old-fashioned beach bonfire make-out sesh, [lastfm]The Beach Boys[/lastfm] have been getting bros to third base since before we understood what getting to “third base” meant. In 2011, it will be exactly 50 years since the boys were “loadin’ up their woody” to take a surfin’ safari.

Do their plan to have a reunion with their woody next year?

The last remaining (i.e. still performing) [lastfm]Beach Boy[/lastfm], [lastfm]Mike Love[/lastfm], leaves us hangin’ ten:

“There have been a lot of ideas floated, but nothing decided. So far it’s just conversation. There are no big plans yet — although there’s a lot of interest from a lot of people to see what would happen if we got together and did some new music and maybe did some shows. But so far nothing’s firm.”

Maybe [lastfm]The Beach Boys [/lastfm] can do some one-off mash-up performance with [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] dressed as Annette Funicello, only if Annette Funicello had a sexed-out raspy voice and her nipples were covered with gooey gooey gumdrops. Love seems to think Perry has revisited that Cali spirit the band tried to impart in “Surfin’ Safari”and the rest:

“It’s a pretty remarkable landmark. I’m almost at a loss for words, but it is pretty damn special to even contemplate doing something 50 years after you started. It’s pretty amazing to still have our music in films and people coming to see us five decades are we started. Initially the subject matter was so unique — songs about surfing, great cars, being true to your school, California girls. And the subject matter is still in vogue — just ask Katy Perry.”

So, what does Mike Love think about Katy Perry ripping off, we mean, borrowing, the boys’ mojo?

“I think the part she did is pretty cool. There are a lot of writers on it, and I think it’s probably a stroke of genius to have the king of canine cool, Mr. [Snoop] Dogg, do his thing. But I think her creative part, her musical part, is pretty hooky. I think it brings the Beach Boys’ 1965 classic to mind, that’s for sure.”

We love your attempt at being diplomatic about the whole thing, Love. “There are a lot of writers on it” sounds like a jab at the big buck business model of the pop world, but we may be wrong.

For now we are going to pop in our favorite album of all time, Beach Boys Party!, pour ourselves a chilled beverage, and think about how much we dig a french bikini and dolls by a palm tree in the sand.

[Source: Billboard]


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