FaceTime For iPhone 4 Equals AdultTime

Have you ever wanted to hold a hot chick in the palm of your hand? Well, the new iPhone has an app for that. And by “app” we mean a video camera so skilled, so interactive, so wave o’ the future, that it will make teenagers in 2012 scoff at how the “old folks” only had the ability to “sext” in 2010.

iPhone’s new service “FaceTime” is more like super, naughty “AdultTime” and the adult entertainment industry is taking note. You can keep both your hands on the keyboard to learn more about the future of iPorn after the jump!

Without porn, there would be no world as we know it.

VCRs were created to discreetly distribute porn amongst those liberal lovin’ 1970s swingers. The popularity of the internet increased mainly because of porn. The world’s most¬†notable¬†technological advancements are because of porn. Next time someone gives you grief over your Minnesota MILFs and Canadian Cougars DVD collection, remind them that their Farmville Facebook addiction would not exist if not for those MILFs and Cougars.

Now Steve Jobs has made easier to connect one-on-one with your own special Canadian Cougar with the invention of FaceTime for the iPhone 4. The ability to personally video chat with anyone else who has FaceTime and an iPhone 4 has made this highly marketable to adult companies or free-agent sex workers.

Craigslist ads have been popping up in major cities asking for new “Facetime” models with some ads even offering free iPhone 4’s for the models.

We know. We too are trying to think of a lucrative FaceTime business model right now.

[Source: ABC NEWS]


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