Top Five Covers of “I Melt With You”

cbsmodernenglish Top Five Covers of I Melt With You

[lastfm]Modern English[/lastfm] is on the bill for Jack’s Fifth Show, and we’re sure everyone’s looking forward to seeing the Brit stars, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think the highlight was going to be the band’s massive hit “I Melt With You.”

While there’s no question that the original still stands the test of time, several newer bands have covered the song, spinning it in directions from punk to lounge (yes, lounge). Which of the imitators did it best? Let’s break down the competitors:

[lastfm]Nouvelle Vague [/lastfm]: The French bossa nova/electronica band has made a good living off of covering other songs, especially from New Wave artists (hence the band’s name). But when the lead singer coos “making love with you was never second best,” we still get a little tingly inside.

[lastfm]Bowling For Soup[/lastfm]: The Texas pop-punkers got their cover of “Melt With You” into Disney’s film Sky High. They bring a peppier step to the track, making it the closest to a modern-day version – if [lastfm]Modern English[/lastfm] had come up in the era of [lastfm]Green Day[/lastfm], this track might have been the version we’d know now.

[lastfm]Jason Mraz[/lastfm]: Adding a little bit of a reggee/calypso beat under the track, Mraz’s cover ended up on the soundtrack to 50 First Dates. I’d rather listen to this then watch that film again.

[lastfm]Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine[/lastfm]: Lounge music has never seemed quite as…creepy…as when [lastfm]Richard Cheese[/lastfm] steps up to the microphone. We can’t find video of this online, but trust us, this is the weirdest on the list (you can follow this link to hear it). In lieu of “I Melt With You,” how about a little “Baby Got Back” and “Personal Jesus?”

[lastfm]Sugarcult[/lastfm]: How about a spot in the top five for the local boys? From Santa Barbara, Calif., [lastfm]Sugarcult[/lastfm] covered the classic for a “Punk Goes 80s” compilation, and the wall of guitar behind the lead vocalist makes this one of the heaviest versions floating around out there.

Poll time: Which version of “I Melt With You” is your favorite?


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