More Batman Rumors! Christopher Nolan Keeps Messing With Our Minds

Christopher Nolan wants to crack open those rusty old “doors of perception” in that brain of yours, wallow in your wet dirty dark-side, confuse you into a state of unreality, and take your money at the box-office too. Basically, Nolan is a modern-day genius of epic Shakespearian proportions, which is why we are so giddy over each and every Batman 3 rumor.

Except for some of the ones we are about to tell you.

Nooooo, we are just messing with you. God, that was easy! But Christopher Nolan is looking for his finest villain and educated rumor is that it’s going to be The Riddler (again) or Catwoman.

While Nolan is one of the best directors of this decade, casting leading ladies has never been his strong suit, so who would play his feline foe in a suit of the sleek, black, latex and body hugging variety? Rumors are it would be our mistress of weird and wonderful, Tilda Swinton. We think Swinton would do an amazing take on Catwoman; less sexy and more diabolical, vicious, and eccentric. Batman will be her little mousy plaything. We ‘squeeee’ just think about it!

Of course, there could be another Riddler and most think it’s going to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We have a few problems with this. First, ummm, hello. Creep factor? Gordon-Levitt looks a lot like Heath Ledger. That just feels weird to us. Second, can Gordon-Levitt carry off morbid narcissism and the cerebral warfare/manipulation necessary for the role of the Riddler? We’ve seen him be a hunk and we’ve seen him be a stoic hero. We want our Riddler to be a neurotic egotist with strokes of A Clockwork Orange.

Other rumors floating around are that a kid named Cody Sousa is going to play Robin. This was found out from an update of an IMDB page that said he was playing Robin in the next Batman film. While this may be true, editing an IMDB page is super easy. Because the entertainment industry is so volatile, it’s hard to know what’s real, a spoiler, or just some young wanna-be actor living in a Nolan-esque delusion.

As for location, is Gotham City still going to be filmed in the (appropriately) Windy City, Chicago? Probably not. It’s a pretty safe bet that most of the shooting will be done in New Orleans–which adds a completely different dynamic to all this geeky speculation.

While we sit, dream, ponder, yearn, for the Batman movie of our nerd fantasies, no one is really going to know the truth until Christopher Nolan starts filming in March or April of next year.

For now, tell us whom you would like to see play The Riddler or Catwoman? Or would you prefer another villain?

Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: ONTD]


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