Woman Too Excited Over Sister’s TV Arrest, Chants “County Law”

 Woman Too Excited Over Sisters TV Arrest, Chants County Law

Hey, if we must be responsible and not do things that get us arrested than we might as well enjoy getting arrested vicariously through others, right? As a culture, we love looking at mug shots, talking about celebrities getting arrested, and watching late night marathons of Cops. With the popularity of “getting arrested” nowadays, it’s become sort of…cool.

It comes as no surprise that in the South they have a Cops-esque television show called County Law, and one woman becomes so ridiculously excited that her sister is getting arrested on tv, that she poses for the camera.

Hopefully, someone will make a remix of this video. Maybe rap artists will sample this remix in a song. And next year we will all be chanting “County Law! County Law!” instead of “Hell Yeah!” or “Let’s get this party started!”

Let’s try it. Altogether! COUNTY LAW! COUNTY LAW!

[Source: Gawker]


One Comment

  1. vaderbot says:

    Crazy old coot! That’s that moonshine for ya.

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