Billy Corgan Admits to Fainting, Not Enough Tru Blood on Rider

billycorgan Billy Corgan Admits to Fainting, Not Enough Tru Blood on Rider

[lastfm]Billy Corgan[/lastfm] is a vampire. We’ve always thought it and never had actual proof, until his recent fainting spell at a [lastfm]Smashing Pumpkins [/lastfm]show in Tampa. Ok, so we didn’t get actual proof but singing “the world is a vampire, set to drain” and subsequently passing out tells us one very important thing: Corgan forgot to drink his pre-show Tru Blood. Logically.

Like we are supposed to believe that the similarities between [lastfm]Billy Corgan[/lastfm] and Nosferatu are “coincidental.”

nosferatu Billy Corgan Admits to Fainting, Not Enough Tru Blood on Rider

Of course [lastfm]Billy Corgan[/lastfm] is going to deny he is a vampire.  We all know that you can only kill vampires with sunlight, wooden bullets, silver, and fire. If the public knew what he actually was, “secret destroyers” would “hold him up to the flames.” He claims he gets faint from over-singing, not from his immortal lust for human blood:

Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit bruised up. It’s happened before, where I just… over sing. I just faint. If you see the video, I fall down and when I wake up five seconds later, I get up and finish the song. The last time it happened was in 2008. I’ve done like 1,700 shows, so it’s not a normal occurrence, that’s for sure.

He got up from his fall with such alacrity that only a vampire could have recovered with such speed and efficiency. Judge for yourself.

This is him in training as a “baby vampire.”

Don’t worry, Billy. You secret is safe with us.

“But can you fake it, for just one more show?”

[Source: Spin]


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