Finally! Dolls for the Macho Man!

machohulk Finally! Dolls for the Macho Man!

We’ve all been there. Knocked down, dragged out… Just been dumped, just got fired… No cash, no car… The perfect storm of dismay and destitute. Fear not, Debbie Downer, for no matter what bodacious attack pins you to the floor, we here at JACK know the only solace worth seeking lays in a toy-chest filled with Mattel WWE Wrestling Action Figures.

Many times during during the office day, you will hear us say “I love pitting Rey Mysterio against Sgt. Slaughter! It’s so radical!” or “I can’t imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin EVER losing with Hulk Hogan on his side! Tubular!” or “Andy Kaufman? What are you doing here?” It wasn’t until recently that we realized something was missing… something macho… something savage…

Last week at the San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel announced they would be releasing two new action figures to their ever-expanding reserve of spandex madness. Small plastic versions of Macho Man Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior will be released in the Spring of 2011, coinciding with the 27th WrestleMania event.

We really hope that Mattel chooses to recreate the 80’s version of Macho Man Randy Savage. Nothing is worse than opening up your Channukah giftbox and seeing this doll.

 Finally! Dolls for the Macho Man!


[Source: ONT’D]


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