Marky Ramone Brings Back The Ramones, Helps Children

drummer ramones the ramones marky ramone marky ramone to perform ramones songs at benefit concert joined 1978 musicians institute concert hall on oct 10 Marky Ramone Brings Back The Ramones, Helps Children

During the 1970s it was [lastfm]The Ramones[/lastfm] versus [lastfm]The Sex Pistols[/lastfm]. And while the feud of who invented punk-rock prevails, one thing remains perfectly clear: only one band continues to be talked about in and outside of the public eye, influencing musicians and music fans the world over.

And by “influence” we mean more than just kids hopping to “Blitzkrieg Bop” and bopping to “Cretin Hop.” Drummer [lastfm]Marky Ramone[/lastfm] has stepped forward to literally help out kids.

Marky, who joined the punk rock band in 1978 after drummer Tommy quit the band, will play a full concert of music by [lastfm]The Ramones[/lastfm] Oct. 10 at the Musicians Institute Concert Hall.

The concert will benefit the Marky Ramone Drum Scholarship for Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. The full line-up of the musicians playing with him will be announced later this month.

Of the scholarship and concert, [lastfm]Marky Ramone[/lastfm] said:

I am very honoured to be chosen as an artist for the scholarship programme. Music for kids is very important to have.

This isn’t the first time Marky Ramone has done something for the children—cue: Won’t somebody please think of the children!; two years ago his name was part of a sex ed compaign where condoms, lube and other goodies were packaged with his emblem on the outside.

So while [lastfm]Johnny Rotten[/lastfm] continues to curse the world and spit in peoples faces, the legacy that is [lastfm]The Ramones[/lastfm] continues to grow for the better, spreading punk-rock music and making a difference in this crazy world.

[lastfm]The Ramones[/lastfm]: 2, [lastfm]Sex Pistols[/lastfm]: 0.

Rock ‘n’ Roll with The Ramones below!

[Source: Spinner]


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