Mike Tyson: Fighting for Redemption, Finding it in Burma?

miketyson 640 Mike Tyson: Fighting for Redemption, Finding it in Burma?

The former heavyweight champion, and best Hangover character, is tired of straight up punching people for a living. After forty-four years of living, Mike Tyson has realized that it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. What are those things you may ask? Why, moving to Burma and livin’ in a hut, of course.

Tyson’s got some great reasons for wanting to pack up and ship out, too.

As a boxer, Mike Tyson is ranked as one of the most notable fighters and was respected for his ability. As a person, Mike Tyson is known as a brute, a rapist, a joke, and a sad story: He’s had a lot of crappy stuff happen to him, and he has probably been responsible for his fair share of crappiness.

[pullquote quote=”I feel I’m a clown, I’m a joke. I just want to do nice things so my kids can respect me. I want to live in a hut in Burma.” credit=”Mike Tyson on revamping his life.”]

But after the devastating loss of his four-year old daughter in early 2009, Tyson has decided that he wants to come out of retirement and fight again. He’s not fighting for heavyweight belts or some attempt at fame this time, he is fighting for the respect of his family.

And if you still think I am using “fight” to mean to engage in battle or in single combat; attempt to defend oneself against or to subdue, defeat, or destroy an adversary, you’re way off base. There will be no punching of Burmese men, at least, I don’t think Tyson’s planning on beatin’ some dudes down, but who am I to make assumptions.

Mike Tyson has decided that he would like to go on a mercy mission to Burma, south-east Asia, to aid impoverished communities. He wants to do something good with his life, which he says has been a “f#&@ing waste” the past 44 years: I want to count for something. Not in the name of God or any religion but in the name of self-dignity.

Get to work, Tyson. We’ll all be back here, rootin’ you on. Or watching UFC.

[Source: ONTD]


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